The FDLKS Archive

The main aim of the FDLKS is to raise public awareness and appreciation of Laura Knight’s life and work.  The Society’s Archive is one of the chief ways of implementing this aim.  It was founded at the same time as the Society, in 2008.

The Archive brings together under one roof a wide spectrum of material that sheds light, directly or indirectly, on Laura Knight’s character and achievements.  Original works, books, letters, recordings, photographs – the range is huge, and the collection is constantly expanding.  It has been built up chiefly by donations from private individuals to whom the Society is deeply grateful.  The Society has also used its own funds from time to time to acquire objects of particular significance, and to fill in gaps in the collection.

The primary task of an inventory is to give an accurate description of the various items, and not to discuss them at length.  However I have felt that it is helpful occasionally to compare, contrast and evaluate.  It adds life to what must necessarily be a rather dry document!
Suggestions for improving the inventory, and for enlarging and improving the Archive itself, are always welcome.

Michael Johnson,  Archivist, FDLKS
Our Archive catalogue: Click here, to view.