The Friends of Dame Laura Knight Society,
Malvern & Colwall Branch

David Evans

It is with great sadness we have to tell you of the sudden death of David Evans the Patron of the Lamorna Society, our sister group in Cornwall. He died on April 8th 2020 during a heart operation in a London hospital.

He was not only a founder member of the Lamorna Society but a fount of knowledge about the Valley and Cornish artists in general. Having been brought up in the Lamorna Valley, the son of Major Evans ( whose story was told in the film 'Summer in February') he had many interesting stories and personal memories to tell about the artists community of the day.

Besides lecturing for the D.F.A.S. he gave individual talks to local societies like our own. He first came and spoke to us in Malvern about the Knights in 2011 when the Lamorna Society came as our guests for a Spring weekend . You may remember the two dynamic presentations he gave us later. My last memory of David was his presence at the LS AGM in Cornwall in Sept 2018. You may share my memories of him as being a warm, generous and relaxed personality, jolly and larger than life, who gave brilliant talks.

It is so  sad to know he will no longer be with us but his inspirational talks based on his personal knowledge of Cornwall will always be with us.

We were very lucky to have David talk to our society on 7th October 2017,
on Harold  &  Laura  Knight  "a Partnership  of  Painters" - click to see more about this event.

If you have individual memories of David you would like to share please contact David Tovey on who will be collating these for the next edition of 'The Flagstaffe', thank you David.

- Heather Whatley, Society Vice Chair. April 2020