Autumn in Malvern Festival with
The Friends of Dame Laura Knight Society - 13th Oct 2018

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As part of the Autumn in Malvern Festival, our guest speaker Catherine Wallace gave a talk entitled "Laura and Harold Knight in Cornwall: The light, the landscape and people."

Laura and Harold Knight's time in Cornwall had a great impact on their artistic output.
In this talk Catherine Wallace used the paintings they produced and compared them with those the artists painted before and after their prolonged stays in Cornwall during the early part of the 20th century.

We would like to thank Catherine for her lively and comprehensive talk.. 

Catherine is a freelance art historian, curator, writer and lecturer specialising in British 19th and 20th century art with a focus on artists who were based in Cornwall, England.

We were shown many examples of the Knights' work and were able to compare the very different approaches of this couple.

In each case the use of light was illustrated - Harold's with his peace-loving atmosphere, exploiting the calmness, using the subtleties and reflection of light, and Laura's, with each of her variety of styles, using the strong light of the south west to illustrate and illuminate her energetic and imaginative approach.


We would also like to thank our hosts at Elmslie house, Anna & Bernard Taylor. It is a great venue and provides a good opportunity to meet new members.

Thank you Anna too for the delicious tea and cakes.
And a final thanks to John and Jeanne for the photos.